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The milo responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template includes a portfolio layout with beautiful animations, webfonts and additional sections to…

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Ultra clean Newspaper HTML5 + CSS3 theme

The Newspaper and Journal responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template: Strengthen your page views with this ultra clean Newspaper HTML5…

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Stylish typographic design with the Typography responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template An ultra clean & grid based Typography HTML5…

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BT Extended

The BT Extended responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template, focus your lens on your content with the Beautiful dark Magazine…

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Dashboard theme

The Backend responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template that offers a great way for site admins, cms designers to feature…

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Magazine style

Magazine style with grid design for your content heavy site with the clean Journal responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template….

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The Rion responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template is a great design for artists, musicians and their fans to connect,…

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The typography HTML5 & CSS3 template: responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template, fully customizable with easy Drag-n-Drop editor. Adjust colors,…

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Absolutely NOcolors and lightweight responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Site Template offers a responsive website template for your training program, business…

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The Features

Stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience

Custom webdesign

Custom theme

Sell your products online, Complete online store and shopping cart, Pages for shipping, terms, privacy, etc.

Theme Values

SEO ready development, Professional look and feel, Professional design and functionality

Multiple Images

Themes and their functions will help and let you upload multiple images at once for the products you sell.

Product Grid View

Multiple Widgets

All themes support widget allocation almost anywhere, but not limited to the sidebar.

Product Grid View

Customers can easily compare the general overview and price of the products.

Zoomable Images

Your customers want to see high-detailed pictures of your product when making purchase decisions.

Custom work


  • design and integration of custom specifications
  • SEO optimized result
  • developing custom templates to extend Shopify functionality
  • develop custom code to meet business need beyond Shopify functionality



  • setting up and tuning hosting environment for Shopify
  • installing Shopify
  • Shopify Setup and Configuration
  • configuring plugins
  • defining writer rules
  • setting up writer rules (roles, rights, categories etc.)



  • Shopify Management Support
  • back end management (code fixing, updates etc...)
  • store admin management (roles changes, content update/import/exports, etc.)



  • migrating a Shopify install from an existing
  • importing content into a Shopify install
  • configuring content (roles, configurable single templkates etc...)
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