Heavy Metal fakk 2

The founding editors of the American edition of Heavy Metal were Sean Kelly and Valerie Marchant. The founding Design Director was Peter Kleinman. Kleinman was the Design Director of National Lampoon at the time, and he was asked to provide direction for the fledgling project in addition to his Lampoon duties. He created the original Heavy Metal logo design at the request of Len Mogel and Matty Simmons and was responsible for the launch and art direction from the first issue.

The Heavy Metal Logo was Kleinman's homage to Kabel Black, one of his favorite fonts. He was in the middle of experimenting with a visual pun - pushing down the characters in the word "Heavy" to underscore the visual parody of the letters 'weighty quality". In the middle of his design efforts, Simmons saw what he was working on, scooped it off of Kleinman's drafting table and presented it to Mogel and the rest of the board. It was an instant hit and has been used as the basic logo ever since that day.



$ 15.500.000


Director: Michel Lemire

  • Runtime 88 min
  • Length 1735 m
  • Format 35 mm
  • Sound Dolby



$ 23.400.000