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Giovanni Gianni Agnelli, also known as L’Avvocato, was an influential Italian industrialist and principal shareholder of Fiat.

As a public figure, Agnelli was also known worldwide for his impeccable, slightly eccentric fashion sense, which has influenced both Italian and international men’s fashion.

Italy swallows everything, its strength lies in the spinelessness of the authorities, in the pliability of politicians, in the capacity of the Italians to adapt. It’s a mattress, the Italian system. Pasolini would have said it’s a “ricotta”. Or, if you prefer, flectar non frangar. And we, natives of Turin, have always felt rather like foreigners in our homeland, for the very reason that we are a mountain people. Turin reminds one of the old garrison towns – duties before rights, Catholicism still has Jansenist undertones, the air is cold and the people get up early and go to bed early, Antifascism is a serious matter, and so is work, and profits, too

La Repubblica, 25th November 1982

Gianni Agnelli l’Avvocato


Gianni Agnelli


Gianni Agnelli, Giovanni Agnelli, è stato un imprenditore e politico italiano, principale azionista e amministratore al vertice della FIAT, senatore a vita, nonché ufficiale del Regio Esercito. Era anche noto come “l’Avvocato” per via del suo titolo di studio, la laurea in giurisprudenza, anche se, non avendo mai sostenuto l’esame abilitativo alla professione forense, il titolo non gli competeva.

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