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Name: Norman “Stan” Stansfield

Age: Unknown (30-45)
Motivation: Greed/Mania/Evil – Stansfield plays the drugs game, but revels in killing and random acts of evil.
Background: DEA agent.
On-Screen Kills: 4 (and one glass door)
Favorite Method: Gunshot (six shooter or pump-action shotgun)
Best Bastard Moment: Almost apologizing for killing Mathilda’s baby brother, before turning and admitting he only gets off on killing people who treasure their lives.
Death/Defeat: Blown up by a string of grenades found on the body of Léon.
Behind the Scenes: Actor Gary Oldman improvised many of his scenes and lines, including the infamous EVERYONE moment as a joke.

I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. It’s like when you out you’re head to the grass you can hear the insectsssss.

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