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The australian Florence Broadhurst invented herself through her whole life again and again.

Starting in the twenties as a twenty year old musical star, leading her Florence Broadhurst academy in shanghai as a directress, then acting as Madame Pellier in London as a trustee of the Royal family, Broadhurst started with 62 years her their last living as a revolutionary textile designer with Art Deco motives the asina style. Unfortunately she was killed at her studio in Sydney 1977.

Florence Broadhurst was an eccentric designer from Australia specialising in handprinted wallpapers / wallcoverings.

Florence Broadhurst


Florence Broadhurst mistery

Florence Broadhurst

She was bludgeoned to death with a large piece of timber in her Paddington studio in 1977. The murder was never solved, but there has been some speculation that Broadhurst was a victim of serial killer John Wayne Glover – (see ‘Florence Broadhurst – Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives’ by Helen O’Neill), who was convicted of murdering six elderly women between 1989 and 1990, and is thought by police to have been responsible for other deaths.
In Gillian Armstrong’s Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst, friends and employees of Broadhurst stated that they believed the killer may have been known to her and that the motive may have been financial. This was due to the presence of two cups of tea near her body, suggesting a meeting or appointment, and the killer’s apparent knowledge of her factory’s layout.

Florence Broadhurst’s work and design is used today by the Signature Prints company and Borderline Fabrics, where all the fabrics are screen printed on a variety of natural base cloths in the U.K. with the exception of Florence Broadhurst.

Art & Design has different connotations in different fields, the direct construction of an object as in coding & graphic design is also considered to be design thinking.

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