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Enzo Ferrari was not initially interested in the idea of producing road cars when he formed Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, with headquarters in Modena.

Scuderia Ferrari literally means ‘Ferrari Stable’ and is usually used to mean ‘Team Ferrari.’ Ferrari bought, prepared and fielded Alfa Romeo racing cars for gentlemen drivers. In 1933 Alfa Romeo withdrew its in-house racing team and Scuderia Ferrari took over as its works team: the Scuderia received Alfa’s Grand Prix cars of the latest specifications and fielded many famous drivers such as Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi. In 1938 Alfa Romeo brought its racing operation again in-house, forming Alfa Corse in Milano and hired Enzo Ferrari as manager of the new racing department; therefore the Scuderia Ferrari was disbanded.




Ferrari story 1969-1971

The 1970 season saw epic battles between the two teams and the many cars they entered, yet Porsche won every event except Sebring, where the victorious car and its drivers Ignazio Giunti/Nino Vaccarella/Mario Andretti had their origins in Italy. Ferrari decided to give up the 512 in 1971 in order to prepare the new 312PB for the 1972 season, when only 3 litre class would be allowed. In addition to Porsche, the old national rival with its Alfa Romeo T33/3 also had won two races in 1971, and thus was ranked second in the World Championship, above Ferrari.

Native name
Ferrari N.V.
Naamloze vennootschap
Traded as



Founded13 September 1939 (1939-09-13) in
Modena, Italy (as Auto Avio Costruzioni)
FounderEnzo Ferrari
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (legal)
  • Maranello, Italy (de facto)
Key people
  • Sergio Marchionne
  • (Chairman and CEO)
  • Piero Ferrari
  • (Vice Chairman)
  • Amedeo Felisa
  • (Ex-CEO)
ProductsSports cars
Production output
7,255 units (2014)
Revenue€2.854 billion (2015)
Operating income
€444.320 million (2015)
Net income
€287.816 million (2015)
Total assets€3.875 billion (2015)
Total equity(€25.123 million) (2015)
  • Exor S.p.A. (23.5%)
  • Piero Ferrari (10%)
SubsidiariesFerrari S.p.A. (100%)
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