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Faye Dunaway’s career began in the early 1960s on Broadway. She made her screen debut in the 1967 film The Happening, and rose to fame that same year with her portrayal of outlaw Bonnie Parker in Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde.

Faye Dunaway


Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway – Thomas Crown Affair

Van Runkle was hired by Faye Dunaway, a picky dresser who trusted her enough to design an offscreen wardrobe as well as onscreen costumes for Vittorio De Sica’s Amanti (A Place for Lovers, 1968), Elia Kazan’s The Arrangement (1969) and Norman Jewison’s The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), a parade of extreme fashion that has not aged well, especially Dunaway’s micro-minis over pale sheer tights: she seems both over- and under-done.

Yet Steve McQueen’s gear for that film, which Van Runkle commissioned and edited rather than created, remains timeless – McQueen hadn’t previously aspired to serious suits, and, she said, ‘It took him a while to get the fluid movement of someone who is not merely comfortable in, but demands, that sort of tailoring’.

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