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Enki Bilal is best known for the Nikopol trilogy (La Foire aux immortels, La Femme piège and Froid Équateur), which took more than a decade to complete. Bilal wrote the script and did the artwork. The final chapter, Froid Équateur, was chosen book of the year by the magazine Lire and is acknowledged by the inventor of chess boxing, Iepe Rubingh as the inspiration for the sport.

Enki Bilal


The Carnival of Immortals (Original: La Foire aux Immortels; also published in English as Gods in Chaos) is a science fiction graphic novel from 1980 written and illustrated by the Yugoslavian born French cartoonist and storyteller Enki Bilal. It is the first part of the Nikopol Trilogy, followed up by La Femme piège (The Woman Trap) in 1986 and ending with Froid Équateur (Equator Cold) in 1992. In 2004, Bilal directed the film adaptation Immortel (Ad Vitam), although many plot elements were changed from the comic book.

Enki Bilal, Director: Immortal & Tykho Moon

Dessiner le passé pour esquisser le futur

Enki Bilal se lance d’abord dans la bande-dessinée. En 1971, il gagne un concours de bande dessinée, organisé par le journal Pilote et le Drugstore Number One, dans la catégorie aventures (Pilote no 607 page 53). En 1972, après un passage éclair aux Beaux-Arts, Enki Bilal publie sa première histoire, « Le Bol maudit », dans le journal Pilote. En 1975 il rencontre le scénariste Pierre Christin et publie son premier album, l’Appel des étoiles.

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