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Magazine style WordPress WordPress theme: the theme is drenched in gray with light effects, eCommerce theme.

Corporate eCommerce theme with options, jQuery slider and black/blue color scheme with a two column fluid responsive layout, eCommerce theme.

Modern black eCommerce theme with multiple jQuery sliders, options and custom search engine with two column responsive layout, eCommerce theme.

2column responsive fluid layout with multiple category posts, Special: Unique layout typography based, eCommerce theme.

Detox WordPress Theme with clean grid design, multiple jquery sliders and custom fonts. Edgy Newspaper styles with this WordPress theme, eCommerce theme.

Beautiful WordPress theme style with the NewYorker Theme using clean grid design, custom fonts, multiple sliders and a unique grid layout, eCommerce theme.

Portfolio WordPress theme with jParallax effect built in, multiple custom jQuery sliders, options panel and a two column responsive layout, eCommerce theme.

Responsive fluid three column outfit, magazine style WordPress theme with custom options, fonts & sliders, eCommerce theme.

eCommerce themes

Store theme

Sell your products online, Complete online store and shopping cart, Pages for shipping, terms, privacy, etc.

Theme Values

SEO ready development, Professional look and feel, Professional design and functionality

Multiple Images

Themes and their functions will help and let you upload multiple images at once for the products you sell.

Product Grid View

Multiple Widgets

All themes support widget allocation almost anywhere, but not limited to the sidebar.

Product Grid View

Customers can easily compare the general overview and price of the products.

Zoomable Images

Your customers want to see high-detailed pictures of your product when making purchase decisions.

The Features

Stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience

Custom work


  • design and integration of custom specifications
  • SEO optimized result
  • developing custom templates to extend Wordpress functionality
  • develop custom code to meet business need beyond Wordpress functionality



  • setting up and tuning hosting environment for Wordpress
  • installing Wordpress
  • Store Setup and Configuration
  • configuring store
  • defining ecommerce business rules
  • setting up business rules (shopping cards, promo, price rules, products rules, categories etc.)



  • Store Management Support
  • back end management (code fixing, updates etc...)
  • store admin management (business rules changes, product update/import/exports, etc.)



  • migrating a store from an existing
  • importing product catalog into a Wordpress store
  • configuring products (price rules, configurable products etc...)

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Intended for personal purposes usage only: at home, on personal websites, for educational purposes etc.

Please see the terms of use BEFORE you try to use one of the free Theme from this site for your purpose.

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