While he awaits a studio for his 'Bad News', Donald Westlake received good news for his most famous fictional creation, the character of Parker, the unredeemable but principled villain played by Mel Gibson in 'Payback' and Lee Marvin portrayed in 'Point Blank'. The Parker novel series, which Westlake wrote under the pen name Richard Stark, has been acquired for series treatment by FX net entertainment prexy Kevin Reilly, who commissioned a pilot script.

The project was set up at Fireworks by producers Dylan Sellers and Tom Lassally, with a script being written by Alexander Ignon ('Ransom'), who adapted the Westlake novel 'The Green Eagle Score' for Sellers and Warner Bros., with Steve Norrington attached to direct. Westlake, whose other novel adaptations include 'The Grifters' and 'The Hot Rock', liked Ignos' work and blessed the series.

It'll be an original caper for Parker, and will be written in the vein of 'The Sopranos' and 'Heat', with the idea that a massive heist will be perpetrated over the course of a season, the setup building over episodes until the actual crime is perpetrated.

Donald Westlake