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Daniel Simon is an established car designer who has spent the last several years focusing his talents on futuristic concepts for such automakers as Bugatti.
Explore the vehicle designs of a far away galaxy called Galaxion where futuristic concepts exist in everyday life.

Every time you see an interior, where somebody has a cockpit, is the real existing thing.

Nine different spaceships, pods, race cars, giant trains, warships and balloons from various planets of the Galaxion system are shown from concept to completion.

In his first book, Cosmic Motors, each chapter shows the
design process of a unique vehicle, from the first ideation sketches to the stunningly
detailed 3-D models to the final photorealistic full spread renderings.

Simon began his design career in 1999 at Volkswagen (Wolfsburg) under the leadership of Hartmut Warkuss and designed cars for Seat and Lamborghini under the supervision of Walter de Silva.

Daniel Simon


Involved in the creation of the Light Cycles, the Light Runner, the Light Jets, and several background vehicles.

Lead vehicle designer for Marvel Studios’ 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger, under the production design of Rick Heinrichs and creative guidance of director Joe Johnston.

Created unique land, sea and air vehicles for the movie Captain America, collaborating with director Ridley Scott on early vehicle concepts for Prometheus in 2010.

Simon served for over one year as the designer of the Bubbleship for the 2013 Universal sci-fi film Oblivion.

The ship needed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, so the crew could transport it from California to the movie’s Iceland set, and mount it on a gimbal for flying scenes.

Working with Daniel Simon, the lead vehicle designer on “Tron: Legacy,” Kosinski took the inspiration of the Bell 47 and merged it with an advanced fighter jet to create the Bubble Ship. The aim was to build a vehicle as practical as it was pretty, a lesson he took from the utilitarian design of the ships in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

The Bubble Ship is a physical prop, not a digital one. A Camarillo concept car company called Wild Factory built the mostly aluminum vehicle, which is 25 feet long and weighs 4,000 to 5,000 pounds.

Cosmic Motors

Daniel Simon

The initial design for the car has been produced by Daniel Simon who said that the low aerodynamic profile is to generate the huge amounts of grip required. “It was important to us that we generate substantial downforce without unnecessary parts cluttering the car to maintain a clean and iconic look,” Simon said in a press statement..