Daniel Simon

The designer of the light cycles and other new vehicles for the upcoming movie Tron 2 previously published Cosmic Motors, a compendium of otherworldly vessels you will never drive, but spend your life wishing you could.

He was involved in the creation of the Light Cycles, the Light Runner, the Light Jets, and several background vehicles. In 2009, he became lead vehicle designer for Marvel Studios' 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger, under the production design of Rick Heinrichs and creative guidance of director Joe Johnston, creating unique land, sea and air vehicles for the movie.
After collaborating with director Ridley Scott on early vehicle concepts for Prometheus in 2010, Simon served for over one year as the designer of the Bubbleship for the 2013 Universal sci-fi film Oblivion.

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Tron Legacy LightJet

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Cosmic Motors


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Lotus Motorcyles C-01

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Daniel Simon's Film Work Captain America Marvel

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Cosmic Motors Gravion Gray

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Disney Tron Legacy LightRunner

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Oblivion ship tom cruise

Daniel Simon / design for Oblivion

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Tron Lightcycle

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Oblivion ship tom cruise

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cosmic motors formula one car

Between 2005 and 2007, Simon continued consulting for Bugatti and developed futuristic virtual vehicles for his book Cosmic Motors, published in 2007 by Design Studio Press. Upon its release, Cosmic Motors topped the automotive best-seller list of online retailer Amazon.com.

Cosmic Motors

Simon began his design career in 1999 at Volkswagen (Wolfsburg) under the leadership of Hartmut Warkuss and designed cars for Seat and Lamborghini under the supervision of Walter de Silva.

In 2001 he was contracted by the Volkswagen Group's advanced studio (Design Center Europe, Sitges), where he participated in the reincarnation of the Bugatti brand. He left the Volkswagen Group as a senior designer after completing a concept car in 2005.

It has received positive reviews from design icons such as Chris Bangle, Freeman Thomas, Syd Mead and Ryan Church.

Cosmic Motors

Simon was hired in 2008 as vehicle concept designer on Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 film Tron by the Disney Studios, and relocated from Germany to Los Angeles, California.

Cosmic Motors