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Vincent’s primary weapon of choice in the movie is a Heckler and Koch USP45, as stated by Michael Mann in the commentary.

He also uses a Ruger MKII .22LR handgun with integral sound suppressor for the hit in the jazz club.
For the final part of the film, Vincent uses a Smith and Wesson 5906 in 9mm that he takes from a security guard he kills.

Collateral by Michael Mann


Tom Cruise

Collateral by Michael Mann

Michael Mann and Tom Cruise worked out where exactly Vincent came from, and while nearly none of it is mentioned in the film their collaborative backstory is pretty detailed. ‘If he was in a foster home for part of his childhood, and he was back in public school at age 11, that would have been sometime in the 70s. He would have been dressed very awkwardly. He would’ve probably been ostracized ’cause he’d have looked odd.

We postulated an alcoholic, abusive father who was culturally very progressive, he was probably part of Ed Sadlowski’s Steelworkers Local, he was a Vietnam veteran, he had friends who were African-American on the South side of Chicago. The Checkerboard Lounge is thirty minutes away on the Calumet Skyway. The father was probably an aficionado of jazz. There was a great jazz scene on the South side of Chicago, but it’s almost as if the father blamed the son for what happened to the mother. The father never tutored the boy in jazz’ And so on

Michael Mann
Michael Mann




$ 65.000.000


Director: Michael Mann

  • Runtime 120 min
  • Length 3.289 m
  • Format 35 mm
  • Sound SDDS



$ 100.000.000

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