Chloë Stevens Sevigny made her film debut with a lead role in the controversial film Kids (1995), written by her then-boyfriend Harmony Korine and received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her performance. A long line of roles in generally well-received independent and often experimental films throughout the decade established Sevigny's reputation as an indie film queen.

Chloë Sevigny

Sevigny took on the lead female role in the art house film The Brown Bunny (2003), which details a lonely traveling motorcycle racer reminiscing about his former lover. The film achieved notoriety for its final scene, which involves Sevigny performing unsimulated fellatio on star and director Vincent Gallo.
The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and opened to significant controversy and criticism from audiences and critics.

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Sevigny appeared in the Canadian horror film Antibirth opposite Natasha Lyonne. Sevigny will reunite with The Last Days of Disco director Whit Stillman on Love and Friendship, an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Lady Susan.
Both films premiered at the Sundance Film Festival In January 2016. She also has a supporting role in The Snowman (2017), a crime thriller starring Michael Fassbender, which she filmed in Norway in the winter 2016. Sevigny will also make her directorial debut on the short film Kitty which she adapted from Paul Bowle's 1980 short story.

Chloë Sevigny