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Charlotte Rampling is an actress always willing to take on bold and meaningful roles, Rampling had perhaps the most off-beat one in Nagisa Ôshima’s 1986 comedy Max mon amour (1986) as Margaret, a woman in love with a chimpanzee. She has also voiced video games, such as The Ring.

The character she played in François Ozon’s Swimming Pool (2003), Sarah Morton, was named after her elder sister, Sarah, who committed suicide at age 23.

‘I thought that after such a very long time of not letting her be with me that I would like to bring her back into my life’

Charlotte Rampling by Helmut Newton


Charlotte Rampling by Helmut Newton


Helmut Newton’s Arles portrait: “It was the first time I’d ever met Helmut,” she recalls. “He came down to Arles, where I was doing a film called Caravan to Vaccarès, to shoot me for Playboy. I’d said, ‘I don’t want to do nudes,’ but the producers said, ‘We’re sending this very good photographer; you can have control of the pictures.’ So we did it. Playboy was just a nice picture of me, naked from the back and sitting on a chair.

Tessa Charlotte Rampling, is an actress, model and chanteuse, known for her work in European arthouse films in three languages, English, French, and Italian. Rampling is an icon of the Swinging Sixties.

Charlotte Rampling

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