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As Time Goes By was written by lifelong bachelor Herman Hupfeld and debuted in 1931’s Broadway show Everybody’s Welcome, sung by Frances Williams.

It had been a personal favorite of playwright and high school teacher Murray Burnett who, seven years later, visited Vienna just after the Nazis had entered.

The difference in height between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman changes throughout the film. This is because Bergman was actually a few inches taller than Bogart, though to create the illusion that it was vice versa, Michael Curtiz had Bogart stand on boxes and sit on pillows in some shots, or had Bergman slouch down (as evident when she sits on the couch in the ‘franc for your thoughts’ scene).



The line ‘Play it again, Sam.’ is not spoken in this movie. Ingrid Bergman does say, ‘Play it, Sam.’ and ‘Play it once more. For old time’s sake.’

Despite this ‘Play it again, Sam’ became a popular line. So popular that it was in fact spoken by the late Roger Moore in the James Bond film ‘Moonraker’ for example.

Casablanca, by Michael Curtiz (1942)


Casablanca was an A-list film with established stars and first-rate writers, no one involved with its production expected it to be anything out of the ordinary.
Casablanca had its world premiere on November 26, 1942, in New York City and was released nationally on January 23, 1943, in the United States.

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