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Aniki by Takeshi Kitano.
Since his 1989 directorial debut, Kitano has written, directed, edited or starred in almost a film per year without losing the momentum of his originality and heightened artistic sensibility.

The extraordinary success of 1997’s Hana-bi (1997) confirmed Kitano’s place as a leading figure of international cinema. Among its numerous awards, Hana-bi won Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion and was named Best Non-European Film by the European Film Academy. “Hana-bi” was cited on numerous ‘Best Films of the Year’ lists, often in the no.1 position.

As in a previous post listed, Brother is one of my favourite movies. After all, cinema has been around for more than a century. There are many great masters. I feel like doing a very classical movie now, to challenge the giants.Takeshi Kitano Despite of its violent charm and strong one-liners, the music is one of the best parts of Kitano’s gangster drama.



Mo: What are you guys gonna do?
Ken: Cut his finger off.
Mo: What happens when you cut his finger off?
Kato: Ummm… he can’t sing straight anymore.

Brother by Takeshi Kitano

Aniki, Mon Frere

This was Kitano’s only American film he ever made. In an interview, Kitano said that he did not like the final result of Brother and that he regretted his “Hollywood adventure”, which was supposed to bring him a wider audience. As a result, Kitano said that he had no intention of filming outside Japan again.
Kitano reputedly had problems working with Masaya Katô. Kato had his own ideas, and Kitano would get so upset that he would yell at him. In the scene where Aniki tells Shirase to put out the cigars, it is really Kitano yelling at Kato.

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Cinematography is used to refer to the industry of films and filmmaking & to the art of filmmaking itself.


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