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Their 10-page appearance in Dark Horse Presents ties into the original 4-issue mini-series as the two come under fire from an experimental gun stolen and operated by Geech, a drug dealer whose pregnant wife was critically injured by Mack in the mini-series.

The latest Body Bags installment, entitled 3 the Hard Way, features Panda solely dealing with a corrupt police detective who is really a crime-boss while cleaning out Mack’s distinctive hot rod, Da Boss.

Set in the fictional city of Terminus, Georgia (which is named after the former name for Atlanta), Body Bags follows the contract-killing exploits of a Hispanic father & daughter team of body baggers (assassins) Mack Delgado (aka Clownface), a knife-wielding veteran of the business, and his overzealous and overly-voluptuous teenage daughter, Panda.

Body bags


Body bags by Jason Pearson


The initial series, simply entitled Body Bags, was a launch title for Dark Horse Comics’ Blanc Noir line of books. Produced by Gaijin Studios in 1996, Body Bags includes a large amount of blood, violence and characters who enjoy killing and cursing, which is displayed in a number of scenes in the book that have been deemed shocking. Pearson’s use of an extremely buxom 14-year-old girl caused the series to face a certain amount of controversy in the comics industry, thus Body Bags is promoted as the most controversial comic of the 1990s.

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