Blue Velvet

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Kyle MacLachlan, and three actors playing Frank’s criminal associates, Brad Dourif, Dean Stockwell, and Jack Nance, also appeared in the David Lynch film Dune (1984), the same director’s box-office bomb made two years earlier.

David Lynch supposedly cut the film from its original four-hour running time to one frame short of two hours. Despite many searches, the missing two hours of deleted scenes were thought to be lost, until in early 2011 Lynch announced that some footage had been found.

Isabella Rossellini actually was naked under her velvet robe when she did the ritualistic rape scene, a fact that her partner Dennis Hopper was not aware of until the cameras started rolling and his co-star opened her legs for him to kneel between.
Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet


Isabella Rossellini’s role was written by David Lynch for Debbie Harry. Harry, sick of receiving offers to play ‘the weirdo’ after she had played such a character in Videodrome (1983), turned it down.

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