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Benicio Del Toro's character is frequently silent in the movie, he initially had more lines. In the original script, the character explained his background several times to Kate, Del Toro said. And that gave me information about who this guy was, but it felt a little stiff to have someone you just met fifteen minutes ago suddenly telling you what happened to him and who he is.

Benicio del Toro in Sicario


Working with director Denis Villeneuve, Del Toro began cutting some of his dialogue to preserve the mystery of who his character is; Villeneuve estimated they cut 90% of what Del Toro was originally intended to say by screenwriter Taylor Sheridan. Like Del Toro, Villeneuve saw power in stripping the character down to a brooding silence, stating that dialogue belongs to plays and "movies are about movement, character, and presence, and Benicio had all that."

Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez is an actor. He is known for his scene-stealing breakout role as the eccentric, unintelligible crook Fred Fenster in The Usual Suspects.

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