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The limited edition 2600 SZ (Sprint Zagato) with fastback coupe bodywork by Zagato, and the very limited-edition 2600 De Luxe with five-window sedan bodywork by OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali) were introduced three years later in 1965 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2600 SZ’s are very rare (only 105 cars were produced) today they are by far the most valuable model in the range. The 2600 OSI De Luxe has always been extremely rare but there are no signs of it having become particularly desirable as a collector’s item.

ModelDisplacementFuel systemCompression ratioPowerTop speed
Berlina2,584 ccDouble Solex8,5:1130 bhp (97 kW)175 km/h (109 mph)
Sprint,Spider,OSI Berlina De Luxe2,584 ccTriple Solex9,0:1145 bhp (108 kW)200 km/h (120 mph)
Sprint Zagato2,584 ccTriple Solex9,0:1165 bhp (123 kW)215 km/h (134 mph)
Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A., founded as A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, translating to Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory in English) on June 24, 1910, in Milan.

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