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While Alain Delon was making the thriller La Piscine (1969) with Romy Schneider, Delon's friend and bodyguard Stevan Marković was found murdered in a rubbish dumpster near Paris. The police investigation would reveal, allegations of sex parties involving celebrities such as Delon and members of government including future French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou, whose wife, Claude Pompidou, was allegedly the focus of a series of compromising photos at one such party.

Corsican crime boss François Marcantoni also became embroiled in the scandal after a note left by Marković stated that anything happened to him would be because of Delon and Marcantoni. The affair gained notoriety throughout France and in the French press as the "Marković affair". In a 1969 BBC interview, Delon was questioned about his alleged involvement in the death of Marković, rumours of his involvement in sex parties, and Delon's own sexual tastes.

Years active‎: ‎1957–2012 Citizenship‎: ‎French; Swiss (since 1999)
Residence‎: ‎Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland Occupation‎: ‎Actor

Alain Delon


Alain Delon

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I have one regret after 60 years in the business. There is one thing I’ve missed out on that will always haunt me: I would have liked to have been directed by a woman before I die.

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