5th element Diva Dance

The Diva is referenced, though not by identity, as the contact Leeloo is meant to meet with to obtain the stones early in the film. She would be located on Fhloston at a luxurious hotel where she was set to perform.She is described as having outstanding performances by Ruby Rhod, and appears to be a subject of great respect and admiration, as her show at the hotel was populated by dignitaries and celebrities from all over the cosmos. She is seen for the first time being escorted to her suite in the hotel by her companions and hotel security. The awestruck head of security stammers and appears nervous in front of her.She senses Leeloo's presence behind a wall down the hallway. Turning to one of her companions and communicating quietly, she sends the companion to tell Leeloo that she is happy she is here and she will give her what she came for.