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I’m not a great actor – let’s face it. I don’t have a great deal of scope. There are certain things I can do, but when I’m bad, I stink. There’s something about my shaggy dog eyes that makes people think I’m good. I’m not all that good.

McQueen was an avid motorcycle and racecar enthusiast. When he had the opportunity to drive in a movie, he performed many stunts. Perhaps the most memorable were the car chases in Bullitt and motorcycle chases in The Great Escape.

Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.

It was difficult to find riders as skilled as McQueen.At one point, using editing, McQueen is seen in a German uniform chasing himself on another bike.

Although the jump over the fence in The Great Escape was done by Bud Ekins for insurance purposes, McQueen did have considerable screen time riding his 650cc Triumph TR6 Trophy motorcycle.