One billion years ago WE had a thought... WE would become God. WE opened our arms to your poor, your wretched, your insane... give WE a thousand of your worst. One million times WE repeats the harvest, from as many different worlds. Two hundred and ninety-nine years ago WE found a garden and laid the seed. An asylum where nightmares walk and survival is the sole obsession. A prophecy awaits...
...excerpt from THE BOOK OF WE

Well, what to say now about this new header, i LOVE Simon Bisley's art, especially the FAKK2 and Lobo, therefore i thought a nice chick (Julie) will be the right thing for my header, since Charles mentioned some hot chicks, so here we are with some nice sounds (Volume UP!) JayZ & LinkinPark for the new header. Ie6 users are NOT able to see the hover effect (naked woman shows up), pity huuuh?! The other header options:

Simon Bisley’s FAKK2 Gallery

Some info about FAKK" and Simon Bisley:
Years have passed since the Julie a.k.a. F.A.K.K.2 defeated the would-be God Lord Tyler on the bloody battlefields of the Holy Land. She has long since put the pain of those days behind her and turned her eye too more pressing matters. F.A.K.K.2 on the long journey from the Holy land to the Galaxy of the Twin Suns has gathered those without a home in the universe and brought them back to her Home-world of Eden. With their help She and those she has brought to this place of perfect natural balance have once again rebuilt the ruined city atop the field of mystical bubbling geysers. From this sacred place the life-giving water of the planet flow to all its corners. Eden is the water source and it has given the people who dwell here endless life and good health.

" This is my home. These are now my people. I will watch over them and protect them from all that might blight this holiest and wondrous of places. I AM F.A.K.K.2 and no mercy shall be given to the spoilers of the Universe.

Far away in the deepest nebulas of space a behemoth lumbers endlessly along it’s eternal journey eating the worlds in its path like fruit from an over-ripe tree. The God-Ship the size of a sun rambles along its course -never wavering ever moving. For two millennia it’s destination has always been the same- Na’Ch Thra’ Thull "the place of the soft machines" or as it is known now- EDEN.

At the helm of the ship that has eaten a thousand worlds is an ancient entity known to his people as their father, savior and soon-to-be God, he is GITH. "Gith Wants, Gith Gets" is one of many mantra’s sung through the strangled voices of Gith Industries "employees". A hyper-evolved corporation it has annexed and merged itself by means of hostile take-over with every world it has encountered creating an unfathomable culture known as Belphegoria. Enslaving their people and using their most precious resource to power his ship through the darkest reaches of space, their most precious resource being their souls. The only power source strong enough and replenishable resource rich enough to feed the furnace of such a ship on such a journey. Their two thousand-year journey nearly at an end it is believed and written in prophecy that Gith’s last and final merger will be with the Universe itself.

The sacrifice of the Belphegorians shall be rewarded with eternal life and their place in the new universe Gith will create in his vision, but all Belphegorians do not share this vision, there is dissidence. There are power struggles at work within the corporation. These dissidents are known as the Belphegorian Zealots and they have enlisted a new agent in the war on Gith- In the ancient prophecies of the Zealot’s they speak of the soft machine that has slain gods the one they call "The Chosen One". The last warrior that stands between Gith and total control over the Universe is F.A.K.K.2 . A beacon jettisons from the God —Ship speeding toward Eden in hopes the soft machine who slays Gods will hear their dire message- "GITH IS COMING".

Simon Bisley’s FAKK2


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