Simon Bisley, is one of the artists which deserve my full admiration, check this Gallery to see which kind of sketches and artwork Simon creates.

Simon Bisley (born March 4, 1962) is a British comic book artist who was very popular in the 1990s for his work on ABC Warriors, Lobo and Slaine. His style, reliant on paints and airbrushing as well as inks, was strongly influenced by Frank Frazetta and Bill Sienkiewicz, and took inspiration from rock album covers and graffiti as well as traditional comics art. He spawned many imitators, and for much of the nineties these imitations of his style became the dominant form of artwork in 2000 AD.

Read an interesting interview with Bisley, some comics books are available too, a comic book or comicbook is a magazine or book containing sequential art in the form of a narrative. Comic books are often called comics for short.

Although the term implies otherwise, the subject matter in comic books is not necessarily humorous, and in fact its dramatic seriousness varies widely.
The term “comics” in this context does not refer to comic strips (such as Peanuts or Dilbert). In the last quarter of the twentieth century, greater acceptance of the comics form among the general reading populace coincided with a greater usage of the term graphic novel, often meant to differentiate a book of comics with a spine from its saddle-stitched form, but the difference between the terms is ambiguous, as comics have become increasingly available in libraries and mainstream book stores.

Simon Bisley

His new website should’ve launched in Summer 2006, but no sign til today…
There is not so much info about him available, if you search on Google, you’ll find some of my previous posts about Simon, but nothing really brandnew,
is he lost ?

Simon Bisley Gallery

Simon Bisley


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