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Design, Protoyping & UX/UI Design

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Siemens Enterprise
Responsible for:
UX/UI, Design, Development
Siemens Enterprise

Design and development for Siemens Enterprise Communications Intranet

SEC improves business performance, excel in customer service and cut costs with SEC systems and platforms designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

siemens enterprise website

Siemens Enterprise Communications wanted a special events website for their client incentives, all created following the Siemens Corporate guidelines in terms of valuation and their identity.

The Siemens Enterprise Communications project was developed and created in cooperation with the MMK München Agency.

Project Scope

  • Graphic design
  • Custom jQuery slider
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Custom gallery module
  • Custom post type
  • CMS Tutorial
  • ie7 compability ;P
siemens enterprise website

Colour palette

siemens enterprise website

Siemens Enterprise Communications Approach to Going Green

At Siemens Enterprise Communications, environmental responsibility is deeply engrained in our culture and global business practices. Siemens Enterprise Communications is a new company with over 160 years of experience. From the first pointer telegraph and the first intercontinental connections, through voice telephony solutions right up to today’s unified communications, it has a track record of delivering innovation and quality to many of the world’s most successful companies, backed up by a world-class service capability.

Siemens Enterprise

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Siemens Enterprise


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