Weblist is a shameless copy of popurls,
even the layout is the same, boy, you could’ve changed it to your style

What Thomas Marban (creator of Popurls) had to say about popurls rip-offs:

hi folks,
just my two cents here on the ongoing discussion about recent popurls rip-offs. besides the fact that i feel quite honored for obviously having created a new trend in building hive-mind dashboards i’d say that it really makes a difference whether someone rips my site and puts it into an adsense cluster or at least tries to build his own version based on a new design, other content sources, new search features, etc. and gives at least a little credit in the footer. I am not interested in doing research which site copies what parts of the original popurls just like kevin won’t spend a minute on googling for other digg clones. in fact i am not offering yet another rss-reader but an editorial selection of ever-changing sources to the latest buzz on the web and keeping this up to date through constant observation of the scene is the real work behind it. popurls was -first to mind- and as long as it keeps growing every day thanks to all the loyal visitors (20k/d) there will always be a place for copycats in it’s slipstream. but don’t be evil

Craig Zablo set up a blogspot(!) blog about the Sylvester Stallone movie called rockybalboablog.

Shameless copy

Shameless copy

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