Recently my website dropped from the second place to the second page in search results for milo, only Nestle with their milo drink were above me.

Well, dropped in the english spoken Google areas, now I’m back on first page. Strange, happened with no reason. However, in the japanese market milo is no 4 in Google results, while and are giving me each a first place in results. Weather I should ask Matt Cutts for help, OR switch totally to japanese, now how’s that?

See the picture please, it LOOKS better. Ouch.


Just for fun, the article in japanese language:


まあ、英語のGoogle地域話され、今私に戻る最初のページによ下落した。奇妙な理由がないと起こった。一方Yahoo.comとYahoo.jp私結果の最初の場所ごとに与えているが、日本市場のミロには4のGoogle検索結果では、です。私は助けるためのMatt Cutts氏は質問する必要があります天気、または完全に日本語に、今どのようにのスイッチ?