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Playstadium DK

Playstadium DK, Design of a gaming website based on a custom WordPress & Buddypress template with individual Design for members & guests along an ecommerce shop, user rating & forum system built in.

Colour palette

Slang and terminology

Certain words and phrases have been invented by, or have become popular with, the gaming community as a whole. Internet slang is similar to Leetspeak although the Internet Slang has been derived over time from Leetspeak. Some terms are used to describe large gaming events, games themselves, or aspects of games.

Many games, especially online games, have their communities create neologisms to refer to specific events, situations, actions, or people in the games.

Playstadium DK

Common phrases include “lol” (“laughing out loud”, lewl), “n00b” or “noob” (deragoratory term for “new beginner”) and after a multiplayer match has concluded, “gg” (“good game”). Also glhf (Good Luck and Have Fun) and “rekt” (a deragoratory term meaning ‘wrecked’, but with the intention of annoying another player).

Some other terms used in positive manners to congratulate one another are “ftw” (for the win), “own”, “ownage”, “owned” or “pwned” as in “You owned (meaning to ‘own’ or ‘shut him down’) him!”, “That’s total ownage man!”, or “I pwn you!”

Playstadium DK
Playstadium DK

Playstadium DK


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