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Black Magazine style for your WordPress site with the rmultiple column NYC Reds WordPress Theme

New upgrade of the NYC Reds milo317 Theme.

Now with an enhanced red ( #900 ) colour scheme, a js powerd clock and another flash clock in the footer as well as the CSS ruled date configuration.
Fluid four columns layout with a newspaper / magazine style, works from 900 to 2600 pixels screen resolution excellent, even the crappy IE shows it perfect.

This is one of the first and best magazine style WordPress themes by milo317. Each column has its width in percentage, careful when changing(!), might break the layout, also built in is a PHP based Stylesheet switcher.


NYC Reds milo WordPress Theme:

Head over to the Demo.


Featured items:

  • page navi support
  • built in related posts
  • built in recent comments
  • flickr support
  • utw support
  • wp tag support
  • featured article slider
  • social bookmarking services

Enabled with flickr support, pagenavi support, related posts and recent comments are built into the theme.

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