no. 52 Edition


Amoebas don't make motorcycles and atomic bombs!

Katsuhiro Ôtomo did not intend to adapt the series outside of the manga. However, he became 'very intrigued' when the offer to develop his work for the screen was put before him. He agreed to an anime film adaptation of the series on the grounds that he retained creative control of the project - this insistence was based on his experiences working on Harmagedon: Genma taisen (1983).

What did you people do to my head?

Katsuhiro Ôtomo is claimed to have filled 2000 pages of notebooks, containing various ideas and character designs for the film, but the final storyboard consisted of a trimmed-down 738 pages.

The movie consists of 2,212 shots and 160,000 single pictures, 2-3 times more than usual, using 327 different colors (another record in animation film), 50 of which were exclusively created for the film. The reason for this statistic is that most of the movie takes place at night, a setting that is traditionally avoided by animators because of the increased color requirements.