Due to unexpected circumstances I had to establish a brand new home:
from my old site milo…com to the new and improved


Here you will find all my previous posts (around 685 posts contained with 834 comments) imported via the native WordPress tool,
the whole content within all permalinks are working and all of my HUNDRED free WordPress themes.

Please update your bookmarks, feed subscription and mail adresses.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Welcome to my new home.!

Moving was farly easy: exported all content, from the set up of a new server (now proudly hosted by VPS), one main domain : 3oneseven to the shop and the test page for WordPress themes.
However the XML file was too heavy (around 4mb), so I had to cut it in two pieces to get the import working.
Managed to get all pages, posts as well as the categories in the right place imported.

Updating the permalinks

structure was not that tricky, see this example:
old permalink: …/2007/11/29/newspaper-style
new permalink: 3oneseven.com/newspaper-style

Just replaced the old address (…/2007/11/29/…)
with this string 3oneseven.com/29/.. through the permalink options.

Of course I still have to update older posts, which are showing dead links to the previous page, but I am half way through.


Some areas were improved, like the all new gallery page now with a hand coded flash application.
Permalinks are now much nicer that before, from ../2007/11/29/… to ../29/… which should achieve better SEO compability.
Categories have a nicer prefix with the term topics.
Site speed should be ok now with the install of the latest wp cache, but the supercache looks interesting, might try that.
The RSS Feed shows now a RSS to PDF link, means you can download posts to your hard drive as a PDF.

New Servers + URL