Markus Lüpertz
Got luck, after visting Baselitz last weekend, this weekend we’ll visit Luepertz at the Terminus gallery in Munich.

Luepertz’s employment of motifs like Wehrmacht helmets and officer’s caps in the canvases Of 1970 1974 caused a furore.
One such work was Helmets Sinking (Dithyrombic).
It stood at the beginning of the artist’s involvement with German motifs, which culminated and came to a close in 1974 with the painting Black Red Gold (Dithyrombic).

Es gibt keine bildende Kunst, die nicht irgendwann einmal in einem Tempel zuhause war. Jeder Säulenstumpf ist der Anfang eines Baumes von Munch, und der wiederum der Arm bei Beckmann.

Markus Lüpertz

Markus Lüpertz

Markus Lüpertz

Markus Lüpertz

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