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London takes place in 2038, 18 years after start of the war. London has been invaded by demons from Hell.
These particular hellions are a tireless lot, and have been looking for a way into our universe for a long time.
Up until recently, humans have had many champions looking to hold back the flood.
Various real-world events are referenced in the background of the Hellgate story as averted crossover attempts.

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Hellgate: London is an action role-playing game that builds upon the core design of roguelikes by using random generation of maps, monsters, and loot to allow for replayability.

The game can be played in either third person perspective or first person perspective. Melee classes are set to a third-person view and cannot select first-person perspective, whereas ranged classes default to a first-person view but can switch to third-person if so desired. Precision aiming is not required to use most weapons; which track their targets, “lock-on”, or carpet an area with explosives.

The game contains sniper rifles and other weapons that require accurate manual aiming, though most are exclusive to the Hunter faction. Hellgate: London can be played offline or online without a fee. Players can pay a monthly fee to gain additional content over time, including new areas, weapons, monsters, classes, quests, events, titles, game modes and other content.
The game consists of six acts to unify the areas a player travels through on a greater scale. All acts account for approximately 25–40 hours of single-player gameplay.

The game world of Hellgate: London is a set of demon-infested dungeons and city streets, featuring safe zones such as disused London Underground stations.

The safe zones scattered across the world act as havens, where players can purchase and upgrade items at NPC merchants, interact with other players in the game world, and commence or complete quests. The journey between zones is randomly generated; levels are fully 3D, rendered with the game’s own proprietary graphics engine. Included in these environments are randomly generated enemies, bosses and items.

The game features historical London areas and buildings; St Paul’s Cathedral was featured in an early concept art drawing. Another building that has been brought up in an interview is the Clock Tower which houses Big Ben.

Hellgate London

Hellgate London