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Lately many sites were designed with a wooden background and grunge style

I’ve played with PS to create a similar look and feel for a WordPress powered site with the PassWord theme, featuring a three column fixed layout,
enabled with flickr support, pagenavi support, related posts and recent comments are built into the theme (requires NO plugin).

PassWord 3.17 WordPress Theme

consists of a fixed three column outfit featuring a grungy mahagoni wooden style:
three widgetized sidebars (including footer section) with typical WordPress action like archives, built in are recent comments, related posts, custom date options, social bookmarking enabled, utw as well as the native WP tag system,
flickr support is featured too in its own bar, but see it in action here.

The frontpage shows the latest post in full followed by excerpts of the latest four aligned on the frontpage, while the sidebars are enabled with recent comments, flickr feed, sidebar uses ceratin if statements to show variuos data on different pages/sites.

See the demo here, please use the theme switcher to access other themes, or visit my support forum.


Featured items:

First sketches of the Grunge style theme

  • sweet titles
  • page navi support
  • built in related posts
  • built in recent comments
  • flickr support
  • utw support
  • wp tag support
  • social bookmarking services


PassWord 3.17 WordPress Theme

featuring fixed columns in a grungy style, including a custom home php file with the latest post for the desired features at the frontpage: WordPress Theme Demo.

Grunge style theme

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