Master of art

Current work includes drawing Shaolin Cowboy for Dark Horse Comics.

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA, artist Geof Darrow went through 12 years of Catholic schooling, attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for four years, and from there he worked in advertising, audio-visual, animation, and comics and at the Quaker Oats company in their maintenance department.

I felt much more like a junior partner with Geof Darrow in most of my collaborations, because his point of view was so distinct that he dominates.

While working at Hanna Barbara, he met Moebius; which eventually led to their collaboration on “La Cité Feu” portfolio. He is most famous for his later collaboration with Frank Miller on the comic books “Hard Boiled” and “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot”.

As of May 2007, seven volumes had been released. Variety reported in April 2009 that the Wachowskis and Circle of Confusion were producing an animated feature of Shaolin Cowboy, written and directed by Darrow, and animated by Madhouse.