Born in Cedar Rapids, IA, artist Geof Darrow went through 12 years of Catholic schooling, attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for four years, and from there he worked in advertising, audio-visual, animation, and comics and at the Quaker Oats company in their maintenance department.

While working at Hanna Barbara, he met Moebius; which eventually led to their collaboration on “La Cité Feu” portfolio. He is most famous for his later collaboration with Frank Miller on the comic books “Hard Boiled” and “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot”.

His current work includes drawing Shaolin Cowboy for Dark Horse Comics.


Darrow started writing and illustrating Shaolin Cowboy in 2005 (published by Burlyman Entertainment), featuring Darrow’s trademark ultra-violence, irony and meticulous level of detail.

As of May 2007, seven volumes had been released. Variety reported in April 2009 that the Wachowskis and Circle of Confusion were producing an animated feature of Shaolin Cowboy, written and directed by Darrow, and animated by Madhouse.

Darrow is also the co-creator of the series Doc Frankenstein, written by the Wachowskis, with art by Steve Skroce, also published by Burlyman Entertainment.

Geof has also written forewords for other artists’ works, such as The Art of Blade of the Immortal and Art Adams’ Creature Features.

Outside of comic books and film, Darrow has also done some artwork for the Magic: The Gathering trading card series. As well as various trading card line, such as Witchblade, Star Wars, The Shadow and Mike Allred’s Madman.


  • 1991 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Nominee – Best Artist
  • 1991 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Winner – Best Writer/Artist: (with Frank Miller for Hard Boiled – Dark Horse)
  • 1996 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Winner – Best Penciller/Inker: (for Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot – Dark Horse/Legend)
  • 2006 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Winner – Best Writer/Artist: (for Shaolin Cowboy – Burlyman Entertainment)
  • 2012 Inkpot Award


Metal Hurlant #101 (1984) Bourbon Thret: The Parochial Terror, presented in original four page format
La Cité Feu (1984) with Moebius. Reproduced as City of Fire.
Heavy Metal: March (1985) Bourbon Thret: The Parochial Terror, a story from the French book, Comics and Stories
Comics and Stories (1986), originally published in French. Limited edition comes with the “Darrow magazine, 25 pages of “overwhelming testimonies”: mostly illustrated private jokes from French comic artists.
East Meets West (1986) a ten plate portfolio story about the adventures of Bourbon Thret and Clint Eastwood
Dark Horse Presents #19 (1988): Sead, a 9 page Bourbon Thret story + Cover.
Strip AIDS U.S.A. (1988): one-page story about aids victims and Ronald Reagan
The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine (1988): art assist to Dave Stevens
Cheval Noir #3 (1990): Geof Darrow…The Man
Cheval Noir #4 (1990): Geof Darrow…The Myth, 1 page “story” about Geof’s Career, by Geof.
Hard Boiled with Frank Miller (1990).
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (1996)
The Art of the Matrix (2000): contains conceptual designs and story boards created by Darrow for use in the films, as well as his commentary on creating them.
Hard Looks TPB (2002) Stories Half Breed and Head Case
Matrix Comics TPB #1 (2003): Bits & Pieces of Information
Another Chance To Get It Right TPB (2005): 18-page story
Shaolin Cowboy (2005)
Geof Darrow Sketchbook (2010) limited run by square1 press
Dark Horse Presents #10 (2012): Dead Reliable
Dark Horse Presents #11 (2012): Pig
Dark Horse Presents #13 (2012): Profile: A Cross Story
Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine (2012) 96 page magazine with prose by Andrew Vachss and Mike Black, with art by Darrow and Gary Gianni.


Geof Darrow Hard Boiled

Geof Darrow Hard Boiled

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