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I love Formula one and motorsports, to design a brandnew layout for an F1 related Web site meets two of my preferences: almost all motorsports and graphic / Web design together at F1 Racing.DK. F1 Racing

Checked in advance a lot of F1 related sites and most of them are more the linkfarm way with creepy myspace layouts and filled with blinky blinky. Thought of a clean, but informative style with base colour white, including a swf/flv player, various javascripts for images as well as drop down menues with changing headers.
F1 Racing.DK should have the look of a corporate site, but with some personal touch.

Dear Milo,

In recognition of your creative work and professional approach on the F1Racing.DK, I would like to thank you so much for making an actual identity for the website and what it stands for.
Website development seem to be mastered by many and creates the body. Design are mastered only by few. It makes the face and the heart. Both of these are You.


F1 Racing

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F1 Racing


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