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Light Themes

WhiteDust Version: 3.17.9

Magazine style eCommerce template with sidebars and built in jQuery slider. 2column responsive eCommerce design.

Se7en Version: 3.17.18

Pure white eCommerce template with clean grid design, jQuery slider and blue color scheme with a 3column fluid layout.

Rion Version: 3.17.4

Fashion style eCommerce template with options, custom cufon fonts and jQuery slider with a 2column responsive layout.

Dark Themes

Groucho Version: 3.17.9

Corporate eCommerce template with options, and white/green color scheme with a 2column responsive layout.

Burberry Version: 3.17.18

Modern black eCommerce template with 3 jQuery slider, options and custom search engine with 2column responsive layout.

DarkHorizon Version: 3.17.9

Corporate eCommerce template with options, jQuery slider and black/bluee color scheme with a 2column fluid responsive layout.

eCommerce store templates

Sell your products online
Complete online store and shopping cart
Pages for shipping, terms, privacy, etc.

eCommerce Template Values

SEO ready development
Professional look and feel
Professional design and support

Multiple Product Images

The themes and its functions will help and let you upload multiple images at once for the products you sell.

Multiple Widget Areas

You can place widgets on any suggested area. All of the milo eCommerce themes
support widget allocation almost anywhere, but not limited to the sidebar.

Product List With Grid View

Customers can easily compare the general overview and price of the products.

Zoomable Product Images

Your customers will get a closer look at your product.
Your customers want to see high-detailed pictures of your product when making purchase decisions.

The Features

Stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience

Creative design &

Usability & accessibility on any device.

Responsive & User centric

Uni Kassel

University Kassel

Fresh new branding for a university.

Case Study

Enhanced with html5, css3


Weblicist of Manhattan

A crispy new look for a portfolio.

Case Study

Enhanced with html5, css3 & responsive design

The London Magazine

The London Magazine

Oldschool publishing reinvented.

Case Study

Enhanced with html5, css3

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