David E. White

Design, Protoyping & UX/UI Design

with & for David E. White

David E. WhiteResponsible for:
UX/UI, Design, Development

David E. White

Corporate eCommerce styling for David E. White

David E. White approached us for a new design for their shop in London, Ontario, including an eCommerce webshop to sell their brands along with an art gallery for David's wife Lynda Bee White & her lovely artwork.

David E. White

Project Scope

  • jQuery powered slider
  • custom E Commerce module
  • custom fonts
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Identity & Branding design
David E. White

Colour palette

David E. White

David E. White

At David E. White, we believe that fashion and style are very different. Fashion is dictated. Style is exclusively your interpretation. And while fashion is fleeting, style has passed the test of time.

mobile sites

Mobile sites built in

David E. White includes a mobile design, so anyone can see the corporate site any time, any place, on any device.
mobile sites


David E. White

Logo design
Custom User profiles
Custom Buddypress module
Custom eCommerce module
David E. White

David E. White Gallery

David E. White


Specialized in creating responsive eCommerce sites,
interactive UX design & mobile apps.


Located in Munich, milo offers design for best-practices in eCommerce design, usability & accessibility across browsers, users and mediums.

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