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Stylish black magazine style for your WooCommerce shop with the Dark horizon eCommerce WordPress theme

Typography based and inspired by the movie Event horizon, black WordPress theme with blue accents, options panel custom font via enabled, and some paintings in the footer.

Corporate WooCommerce template with options, jQuery slider and black/bluee color scheme with a 2column fluid responsive layout.

The most commonly known example of an event horizon is defined around general relativity’s description of a black hole, a celestial object compact enough that no matter or radiation can escape.

Dark Horizon eCommerce Theme:

multiple column fluid eCommerce WordPress theme with custom font enabled, Twitter support and a options panel built in:




– footer with own column for some of your Flickr pictures
– widget ready made
– built in jQuery slider
– built in options panel for full control over the frontpage
– fluid layout
– custom icons


The Dark Horizon theme

supports all plugins.

Upload the file to your theme folder as described at the WordPress Codex and activate it.
The Theme can be viewed in action at my Themeviewer.

Colour palette

responsive wordpress woocommerce theme

Mobile sites built in

The theme includes a responsive tablet & mobile design, so anyone can see your site any time, any place, on any device.
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