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The Weapon

The Weapon, manufactured in many different color schemes

In 1985, Converse released “The Weapon” basketball shoe. Manufactured in many color schemes to match the kit colors of basketball teams, it has been available in both high-top and low cut varieties. The unique aspect of this shoe is the leather construction throughout, including the inside heel which is also heavily padded for comfort. Converse re-released “The Weapon” in 2002, 2008, and 2009, and “The Loaded Weapon” in 2003.

Special editions

There have been made several special editions of Converse shoes that are special in their own way, such as The Ramones and the Sailor Jerry or even the Control, green or brown edition, of which only 2,000 or so have been made. Three new designs were created for High Tops, inspired by The Who. There is also a special collection released called 1Hund(red), where 15% of the profits are used to support HIV/AIDS relief. One hundred artists from around the world were chosen to create designs for the collection.