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Grid based, responsive layout with custom cufon fonts: ClearCut WordPress theme is a highly configurable WordPress theme for artful, typography heavy portfolio sites with an unusual and unique layout.

Instead of showing your blogpage first, WordPress will load the custom home php file with a three column index designed as a magazine style template,
but if you want your blog page to show up first, just remove the home.php template via your FTP browser, then WordPress will load the index php file with its features.

For the customizing of the ClearCut WordPress theme, please open the theme options panel, and add your customization.



- magazine layout
- widget ready
- built in Sweet titles ( js and css ) by Dustindiaz.com
- built in sifr plus print stylesheet
- options to choose index (blog) or home.php (static first page)


The ClearCut WordPress theme

supports all plugins, tested in every browser.


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