responsive wordpress theme

Updated with Ajax loading content & CSS3/html5 enhanced.


Clean Typography style for your WordPress site with the grid based Clean WordPress Theme

Very clean two column responsive/fluid layout accomplished with grid design:
Clean 3.17 WordPress Theme with a two four column outfit.


Featured items:

  • custom fonts
  • ajax elements
  • responsive/fluid layout
  • CSS3 enhanced
  • html5 enhanced
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Clean 3.17 WordPress Theme

two fluid columns, very clean two column responsive/fluid layout with custom CSS3 & ajax elements. Special: Ajax loading content with CSS3/html5 enhanced.: Demo.

Colour palette

responsive wordpress theme

Mobile sites built in

The theme includes a responsive tablet & mobile design, so anyone can see your site any time, any place, on any device.
mobile sites

WooCommerce themes

Store theme

Sell your products online, Complete online store and shopping cart, Pages for shipping, terms, privacy, etc.

Theme Values

SEO ready development, Professional look and feel, Professional design and functionality

Multiple Images

Themes and their functions will help and let you upload multiple images at once for the products you sell.

Product Grid View

Multiple Widgets

All themes support widget allocation almost anywhere, but not limited to the sidebar.

Product Grid View

Customers can easily compare the general overview and price of the products.

Zoomable Images

Your customers want to see high-detailed pictures of your product when making purchase decisions.

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  • Responsive
  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • SEO score



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