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Design, Protoyping & UX/UI Design

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Airhogs ScubaResponsible for:
UX/UI, Design, Development

Airhogs Scuba

Design and development for Airhogs Scuba diver school

Airhogs Scuba wanted a special website for their shop & online presence, evet website is created with the parallax slider, custom fonts, a custom gallery module and a jquery powered slider for the homepage.

Airhogs Scuba

"Under the water, peace, tranquility, and beauty replace worry, anxiety, and concern. Allow us to show you how amazing this change can be in your life, or just stop by and let us help continue your SCUBA journey. "

Project Scope

  • parallax slider
  • Graphic design
  • Custom jQuery slider
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Custom gallery module
  • Custom post type
  • CMS Tutorial
  • ie8 & 7 compability ;P
Airhogs Scuba

Colour palette

Airhogs Scuba

About Airhogs Scuba

As a shop, we want to bring the joy of the underwater world to any person who has an interest. We teach SCUBA programs on the recreational and professional levels, sell a full array of water sports equipment, service gear, and provide both air and Nitrox.


Airhogs Scuba

Airhogs Scuba Gallery

Airhogs Scuba


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